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Building a Maryland for All

There is much to be done in Maryland for everyone. One person cannot do it alone. We're looking for your help to pay our interns, support our staff, and win an election that fully supports us all.

America - Leading the Way

Education and College

 Providing an immersion environment of learning is best for students. With adaptive technologies at all ages, we can allow for rapid progression instead of repetitive general studies. Therefore we can call for an end aptitude testing (SOL's). These changes will enable students to progress further with critical thinking. They can be faster with all arts, business, coding, languages, math, physics, reading, sciences, smarts, stem, and theory. Therefore, this will allow complete degree progression at any age from 13-18 years old.

The school grants merit a cost. We can make Maryland back into the top ten again not #13. 

To work on improving our schools our goal is to provide for them at all levels of government to ensure their education is of value to our local communities. and local employers. Stay with us as we work our future full plan for Education for all.

Infrastructure for Jobs

Can you hear me now should not be the answer for our residents on any part of the shores.
Our Broadband providers need to provide the latest technology to our residents.
Our commitment to this pledge will provide more connections, bandwidth, boost to tourism, better jobs, and overall communication with our communities from shore to shore.
The second part of the infrastructure plan is to ensure proper placement of a 3rd Bay Bridge option to best restore the needs of communities and daily transit of tourists from our shores. 

To achieve these plans we shall provide the proper representation of our citizen's needs first in restoring Net Neutrality, expanding broadband with commerical agencies, and sharing the stories of our citizens where this 3rd Bay Bridge may go.

Overall, it is your choice as a voter to have a say in process going forward to make District One better for all Marylanders.

Healthcare for All

 Our Premium health care, mid-care, low-grade, select-cost, and a la carte services are often very discriminatory. They often overcharge by using exclusions to denial proper care. With the ACA standards, each company should not be allowed to have exclusions. Therefore, we wish to include our private companies who often pick and choose a level of care for their employees.  Currently, our healthcare systems are more for billing per insurer at different prices. They are often leaving patients medical bills in the thousands of dollars. Our citizens are demanding a fixed pricing system. Now, as we age the cost of care skyrockets, and this must end. Even Cobra is very expensive to include the price of birth. However, the hospital systems have no transparency upon arrival as truth in services or lending. Hospitals should provide a zero discrimination, per cost, per pay, per visit, zero-sum policy for all care. The medical standards of care for everyone shall include employers to offer no exclusions. Thus, with these changes, Americans shall live longer and lead more productive lives today or tomorrow.  

Our Maryland Enviroment

 With the continuing rise in Climate change, we must allow businesses international means of Renewables and Storage of Carbon to help defeat Climate Change on the Global Scale. Therefore, new energy conversation is needed to share with our power grid consumers as well as provide an increase to Solar. We can reduce our need for imports and the use of fossil fuels. We're exporting Coal and Liquefied Natural Gas to other nations still. Companies wish to use Off-shore drilling to increase production. We must protect our waters and environment from these attempts to increase production. Thus, we're providing us safer and cleaner places to enjoy ourselves in pleasure, business, sport, and tourism. 

The climate change also affects the habitats of sea life and the food brought to the table by fishermen.   

2nd Amendment

 Our Second Amendment recognizes the right of all individuals as a law-abiding citizen to own and use firearms. Veterans and Servicemembers are trained volunteers of this nation and should be protected. Our citizens should be protected and able to defend themselves as well, with training, safety, and experience. Education, Maintenance, Safety, Qualification is essential to being a gun owner. Our weapons of war shall not be Civilian hands. 

To do this a ban of assault rifles to non-licensed users can be passed, restoring our laws for mental health, and provide stronger national backgrounds from our stores and shows. Therefore the proper weapons are used for home defense, ranges, hunting, historians, and agencies of enforcement. 

Man Made Opioid Crisis

The Opioid Crisis is one of the biggest problems we face in Maryland right now.
I want to bring more opioid treatment centers and programs to our District. Once Congress, I will work to accomplish this goal.

Thus far we need all hands available to volunteer their time and commitment to support our local means of providing a stable platform of going Purple across Maryland.

Your support matters when you know your neighbors and #VoteMia with the choice to help others as a Friend and Advocate.

By working together we can all end this Crisis across our fields and shores.

Civil Rights Protections


We deserve protection from Discrimination. These include an individual's self-identity, race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation. We believe in equality regardless of their family, disabilities, political affiliation, matriculation, genetic information, income, business, victim status, and creditworthiness.

Far to often our citizens are harmed at the place of work, transit, housing, and in healthcare to exclude us all. It's time to end medical exclusions for all and restore our rights and liberties for all communities.


· We need to help our farmers more. They provide our food and are being hurt by current regulations. I will work to pass legislation to aid our farmers. We need to bring more awards and grants from the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Office of Rural Development to our District, I will work to accomplish this.

Control Foreign Affairs

Speaking with nations will resolve international conflicts, conduct new trade, and improve the morale of our neighboring allies. However, we must end red tape by our administration. We have to be able to sell goods for a profit. These shall provide the U.S. national debt security both at home and abroad to promote vital interests for local farmers, militia, and business to continue exports and imports. 

National Defense and Security

Volunteers and immigrants build our nation. They decide to live here for a living as a means of defense for this nation. Therefore, we must provide our service members dignity and respect to assume authority, leadership, training, equipment, and resources they need to successfully achieve their missions and return home safely to their families at all costs to serve our nation in harm's way. 

Mass Transportation

Currently, our federal transportation systems are expanding, rebuilding, and replacing roadway by tolling our national highway system. However, our governors and local officials are neglecting our public transit for buses, cars, planes, light rails, and trucks. Currently, federal grants are saving these businesses for airports and local cities. Our communities have a more significant demand on the public light rail to connect our city centers. The infrastructure for these light rail systems does not yet exist as traffic becomes more congested. Therefore, Light Rail systems from each town are needed to increase local business, reduce trucking, and provide better tourism between communities.

Future Economy

 Our markets are swinging with diversity, job creation, and manufacturing. However, a tweet or crisis can lead to a recession with great harm to our nation. We must lead the way to ensure our economy is stable from another global crisis wherever that may come from or whenever that may come near or afar. Secure a blockchain market of data for investors, lenders, and governments.

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Homeland Security and Immigration

 Our Homeland is nation of immigrants; however, discrimination and incrimination of those seeking to become citizens is not as simply as landing as forefathers once did or registered at an island upon entry during a time war. Therefore, our borders at processing centers must offer pathways for families, employees, and employers to work asylum seekers. Our businesses under new merit system, shall provide credit to all , a sponsor employer, and location in america. Our Homeland is a nation of immigrants; however, many are sent right back upon seeking aid from the US. Often our agencies detain and deport our veterans, citizens, and those who applied. We must not forget our history: many immigrant families once registered at an island upon entry during a time war. Mainly original citizens of the USA left the war in Europe to come to the Colonies. Therefore, our borders demand high tech protection with proper staff at processing centers to include services as pathways for families, employees, and employers to work asylum seekers. Our businesses under a new merit system shall provide a sponsor employer, and location in America to improve manufacturing, farming, and administration of companies.  

National Budget Shrink

  Our spending is growing at Five Trillion per year, and the total debt is approaching $22 Trillion a cost to over $68,613 per person. These numbers are up from the $53,150 per person and a 17 Trillion debt before President Trump took office. However, our programs are not paying for themselves; they have been cut or terminated for defense. Therefore, new mindsets of growth options from our economy will strengthen America. Simplify a tax code for businesses and individuals to have prime revenue to the treasury at all times to pay debts.

Military and National Guard

Our Fighting Forces of Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy are service members that have reached significant milestones. However, our forces' are not still ready for combat. They often don't have the equipment to match their technical skillsets to match our changing tactics by the enemy. Our elite volunteers have extraordinary skillsets and leadership, which end up facing discrimination by being banned from service. The world has evolved; thus, our military does too.  Often their families are left behind in moldy homes. Projects now are canceled for the new equipment, vessels, and protective equipment. The water quality on bases is reduced as their filled with waste of metals and plastics. 

Our National Guard service members should not have to repay what is earned to them to the Veterans Affairs. Any Compensation or Pension shall be guaranteed to Veterans. So our retired and disabled veterans are no longer a Debtee to our Debtor called America for the harm, damage, and time earned to have the proper care they need.

Technology Services

Digital domains have reached free and endless potential as cloud computing emerges. However, the capping and bottling their power of growth will continue to hurt the economies globally. Companies are in demand of more AI and AWS experts from our school systems. Therefore, we must provide more coding and learning opportunities for this growing domain of technology. Companies need qualified maintenance and repair technicians. Our students need more classes in this field of study to include stem cells, CRISPR, AI /AWS, and space mechanics for companies. Today our increasing need is also for computing in quantum mechanics or physics as companies seek future trips into space. 


NASA and corporations have the interest to protect our environment along with removing unused objects in space or exploring it. However, our Congress must act to create a committee to assist in ensuring this mission is a success. The committee will ensure our skies are friendly for tomorrow and generations to come in 2035. Our hopes that in the future businesses will increase in Maryland to provide daily lanches to space.

Veterans Affairs

As Veteran myself, I support all veterans from all services and agencies for their needs first. Every veteran life matters as either a small business owner, homeless one, volunteer, family member, or political leader. The VA reform should not allow discrimination which shall be at the forefront of all Veteran needs. Often our veterans are treated as numbered individuals without weekend services. They commit to suicide or seek care elsewhere being billed or denied claims for their care. They need attention from providers that they can trust, message, call, and not be another number each day. Our Veterans are human and need weekend services as well outside specialty care.

It's Your America, Your Agenda

Transparency House / Senate

We must use technology to provide our legislation to all persons within the community & to hear them

Technology is Key with Congress. However, we need a better way to influence our leaders to be at our fingertips. Members of Congress and the Senate can use tablets or wireless devices to receive input from the community at any time. Therefore, we can securely edit any key legislation swiftly without delay or to have it sit on leaders desk for months or years. Members of our District should be able to vote daily on bills presented by our leaders electronically. 

Budgets and Spending

Your money matters, you should know where it is going to support our communities

Our budgets need to clear to provide a surplus for our national needs. Because a Retail Collapse is continuing with a looming recession as the global economy is slowing. 

Therefore, any spending must be an investment into our people and our communities, not the banking system for profits. The USA issues bonds and trusts are vital assets for sale at the Treasury, and anyone can buy them. Therefore, we should campaign to sell them. 

Our United Nations

Our nation needs the aid of other countries as well, Donate Today

Our Partners around the world need to trust America and our Allies, not just our Military Power with our emerging technologies. Our people need to help them daily at their borders, checkpoints, lodging, and hospitals with aid. With pathways around the world like one belt one road, we can unite our communities to meet and greet everyone who needs to be helped by Americans.


Wherever you travel we need to ensure our businesses grow because of tourism, Donate Today

Everyone wants to see or experience America. However, we have since a decrease since 2017. Tourism is failing in America, and our small towns are suffering. Therefore, new tourism promotions must be provided to our states to ensure equality for all.  We must protect passengers from foreigner lands to pay and visit the majority of America. Without doing so, they will fear our agencies to detain and deport them in it's most fabulous destinations from coast to coast. 

Free Speech and Equality

You have a story to heard and now you have the means to have it shared nationwide.

You deserve Equality for All, and it's you're right to speak about it as well. Thus discrimination based on religious freedom needs to clarify with an article to our 1st amendment to protect everyone. This change will ensure individuals cannot deny life-saving services, urgent care, housing, education, and more per the Civil Right Act. Thus, the Civil Right Act of 1964 outlaws discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin and shall be presented to Congress and Senate as Constitutional Amendment.  

Protection of Media

Our media is to work locally and nationally not as one person see fits. Donate Today

In the world of media, it is their job to provide trusted news to our government, their companies, and public figures in their many wrongdoings. However, our Whistleblowers face problems of discrimination against them at all levels of their employment. Our citizens need to rely on our media to bring clear and concise news. 

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