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Lands are disappearing for developers, communities, and infrastructure. However, our farmers have been harmed by burdensome regulations and wasteful government subsidies to sell or foreclosure as corporations seek to develop outwards instead of inward or upward. We need our valuable land to feed our people and others.

Social Justice Transitions

Free Speech, Equality, Civil Rights and Protections from Discrimination as an individual's self identity, race, color, religion, sex, age, martial status, personal appearance, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, family, disabilities, political affiliation, matriculation, genetic information, income, business, victim status, or credit.

2nd Amendment

Our Second Amendment recognizes a right of all individuals as a law-abiding citizens to own and use firearms. Veterans and Service members are trained volunteers of this nation and should be protected. Our citizens should be protected and able to protect themselves as well, with training, safety, and experience.  Education, Maintenance, Safety, Qualification


Our spending is growing at five Trillion per year, the total debt is approaching  $17 Trillion a cost to over $53,150 per person.However, our programs are not paying for themselves, they have been cut or terminated for defense. Therefore, new mindsets of growth options from our economy will strengthen America. Simplify a tax code for business and individuals to have prime revenue to treasury at all time to pay debts. 

Taxes for Individuals and Corps

Each Tax code was written with or without transparency to another party,  and or given to we the people to pay for a budget that is a spending one versus debt elimination or surplus. Therefore, with new laws the code will be clear, taxes uniform for individuals and businesses alike, and loopholes are closed. Have IRS and firms use standard of accounting per international standards not GAAP.


Our markets are swinging with diversity, job creation, and manufacturing. However, a tweet or crisis can lead to a recession with a great harm to our nation. We must lead the way to ensure our economy is stable from another global crisis wherever that may come from or whenever that may come near or afar. Secure a block chain market of data for investors, lenders, and governments.

Defense and National Security

Our nation is built by volunteer immigrants whom decide to live to train for a living as means of defense for this nation. Therefore, we must provide  our service members dignity and respect to assume authority, leadership, training, equipment, and resources they need to successfully achieve their missions and return home safely to their families  at all costs to serve our nation in harms way. 

Education and College

Providing an immersion environment of learning is best with adaptive technologies at all ages to allow for rapid progression instead of repetitive general studies or aptitude testing will allow students to progress further, faster with all arts, business, code, languages, math, physics, reading, sciences, smarts, stem, and theory. Therefore, this will allow complete degree progression at any age.

Merits are granted by school with cost.

Foreign Affairs

Speaking with nations will resolve conflict, conduct trade, and improve morale of our neighboring allies. However, history will allow difficult problems to arise. Therefore, our tradition of freedoms based on democracy will ensure we resolve these  established threats and emerging global threats to our partners safely. We shall provide  U.S. national security both at home and abroad to promote vital interests.

Energy Water Eniviroment

Linkage, Renewable, Storage, and Cyclic are terms of energy conversation to share with our grid consumers to save valuable power to reduce a need on imports. This will save our waters and environment to provide us safer and cleaner places to enjoy  ourselves in pleasure, business, sport and visiting.  

Mass Transportation

Currently our federal transportation systems are expanding, rebuilding, replacing, and tolling our national highway system. However, our governors and local officials are neglecting our buses, cars, planes, rails, and trucks on approach for collapse. Therefore, we as nation address these concerns now.

Employment fight for $15

Currently Federally at $7.25 an hour provides $15,080 a year, in Maryland we provide $9.25 at $19,240 a year. However, families are still working 2-3 employers to survive. In California some have started a $15 per hour minimum, to meet the equivalent of one union job in Maryland at $24 per hour.

Healthcare for all

Premium care, Mid-care, Low-grade, Select-cost, and a la cart. All if you can afford it or if disabled. So if you're able to provide evidence of a claim too. However, the system is not a fix-cost, nor has transparency and has exclusions with age restrictions. Therefore, we should provide a zero discrimination, per cost, per pay, per visit, zero sum policy for all care. This shall allow everyone to include employers to provide highest coverage and lowest deductible plans to ensure Americans live longer and plentiful lives today or tomorrow.  

Homeland Security and Immigration

Our Homeland is nation of immigrants; however, discrimination and incrimination of those seeking to become citizens is not as simply as landing as forefathers once did or registered at an island upon entry during a time war. Therefore, our borders at processing centers must offer pathways for families, employees, and employers to work asylum seekers. Our businesses under new merit system, shall provide credit to all , a sponsor employer, and location in america. 

Military and National Guard

Our Fighting Forces of Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. Have reached endless milestones for training in their career; however, are not still ready for combat. Our elite volunteers as brave as they are needed for replacement as more technologies provide safer combat options from near or afar. These will ensure our military can always be on alert, on call, on duty, on guard, on recall, with far fewer active duty airmen, coasties, marines, sailors and soldiers in harm way. World has evolved, it's our military does too.   

Technology Services

Digital domains have reached free and endless potential; however, capping and bottling their power growth will continue to hurt economy's globally. Therefore, as we enter cyber dimensions for virtual reality,  increase bandwidths for streaming services, and computing for quantum mechanics or physics it will also be providing better technologies for all artificial and humans. 


NASA, and corporations have an interest to protect our environment along with removing unused objects in space. However, our congress must act to create a committee to assist in ensuring this mission is a success. This will ensure our skies are friendly for the days of tomorrow and generations to come. 

Veterans Affairs

As Veteran myself, I support all veterans from all services and their needs.  Every veteran life matters as either a small business owner, homeless one, volunteer, family member or political leader. VA reform will be at my forefront of all Veteran needs, we must fix a system that would allow our veterans to suffer. They need care from providers they can trust, message, call, and not be another number each day. Our Veterans are human.

It's Your America, Your Agenda

Transparency House / Senate


Contact Mia Mason to edit our platform to help her Build a Journey, Build a Nation, Lead the Way, and Lead a Nation. Because this is your America. Technology is Key with Congress. gov and our tablets or wireless devices can be used to securely to edit key legislation swiftly without delay or having it sit on leaders desk for months or years.  

Budgets and Spending


Our National Retail Collapse is coming with a recession as the global economy is slowing. 

Therefore, any spending must be an investment into our people and our communities not the banker for profits. Bonds and trusts are key assets for sale at the Treasury and anyone can buy them. Therefore, we should campaign to sell them. 

Our United Nations


Our Partners around the world need to trust America and our Allies, not just our Military Power with technologies. Our people are need to help them daily at their borders, checkpoints, lodging and hospitals.  With pathways around the world we can unite our communities to meet and greet everyone who has need to be helped by an American.



Everyone wants to see and experience America. Everyone should feel safe to do that too. Therefore, exchanges and equality for all will passengers from foreigner lands to pay and visit majority of America in it's greatest destinations from coast to coast. 

Free Speech and Equality


You deserve Equality for All and it's you're right to speak about it as well; however, it's not to discriminated based on any preference to deny life saving services, urgent care, housing, education, and more per Civil Right Act. Thus, always seek proper counsel.

Protection of Media


In the world of media, our government, companies, and public figures have been verified.  As the year's go by each person shall so become verified per Real ID act and use primary public accounts per the Law. Therefore, other accounts can be deleted.


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