Our Climate Plan


Our First Actions

Our Marylanders need Clean Water and Air. Which means I won't be accepting Donations from Fossil Fuels or their PACs.

Mia is here to protect our Earth, Bay, and Environmental Communities.

Our first goal is to restore any cut Obama-era environmental protections that safeguard the air we breathe and the water we drink together. That includes reinstating the methane pollution rule to limit existing oil and gas projects from releasing harmful gases that poison our air, aka blow-off gases.

We will reset the vehicle emissions timetable, protect the fleet and personal tax credits for electric and alternative fuel vehicles. We need to pass a federal infrastructure legislation bill to Move America Forward because no one should be left behind, even if on a boat.


Second Actions

With any Legislation to be passed, we will do our best to ensure we meet our 2030 to 2040 goals in:

100% Clean Vehicles. We will seek the creation of programs to trade your gas emissions vehicles for new or used zero-emission cars, trucks, and passenger fleets.

100% Clean Buildings. Today's Commercial Partners can create a zero-carbon footprint by the 2030s to 2040s. However, it's up to us to show them how. Therefore, we can improve factories, offices, warehouses, retailers, and restaurants to achieve 100% zero-carbon pollution. 

100% Clean Electricity. Our goal for 2035 or earlier is to change the means of power production as if it was as simple as a light switch. We must invest in Battery Storage, renewable, and zero-emission energy production methods like geothermal, wind, solar, or wave. 

With these ideas, we have the opportunity for new jobs


Third Actions

We can bring our Country back to work through infrastructure projects to go Green! With current unemployment surpassing 21 million individuals, our states can propose ideas to the federal level to hire them back. We need the scale and scope of a Green New Deals like FDR's New Deal. 

These jobs are countless because they won't rebuild our Country's infrastructure without you; it will rebuild our middle class and together. We can restart our economy with all our communities and leave no worker left behind as we can provide them a living wage. 

Your Land, Your Legacy, Your Vote.


We seek to protect your land

Our Shores, Our Farms, and Bridges are vital to our communities. The wildlife that is on our islands, waterways, and beaches must be protected from pipelines, deforestation for development, and pollution. Therefore, we will not allow Offshore Drilling to happen; we will not allow a Delvarma Pipeline to happen and will not enable Manufactures to pollute our waterways.


We seek to protect your legacy from Corporations

We fully support legislation to provide Farmers a Bill of Rights to protect their land, their legacy, and the production of valuable goods to sell in our economy. 

We seek to provide the right to fair and open markets to keep seed prices low and give profit to our farmers, not debt.

The Right to Rural Opportunities to provide our farmers and ranchers ease of access to schools, healthcare, and banks.

We seek to provide them the right to control their land to lock our foreign investors and their housing development practices.


Made in America

Our spirits, honey, dairy, fruits, hemp, oils, wines, nurseries, poultry, and other foods should come with a made in America Logo or a Label from the state in which they're grown, not where distributed from in corporate setting. This labeling standard will provide farmers the credibility, tracing, and confidence when those goods sell throughout our local markets. Each farmer should have representation on a brand label, and we seek to ensure that representation goes national. 


Save the Bay

 The Chesapeake Bay is a national treasure and is vital for our economy and way of life. We must protect our waters and the environment from further damage and work to restore the bay to its natural wonder. Mia fully supports the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in its efforts to preserve and save the bay.

How to Save the Bay

Saving our Shores starts in our Schools

Our Science teachers, biologists, and naturalists are always available to talk about how vital our waterways, environment, and wildlife thrives because of the bay's protection efforts. We seek work with West Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., to embrace our call to protect the Chesapeake Bay.

Our communities protect the Bay

Bring a friend to a meeting, rally, or clean up with you always. Together, we stand as one community to protect our bay from pollution, erosion, and climate change. Overall, Earth Day is just one day; it up to us to create events every other day to save the bay.

Our legislation provides the Bay a Voice

When we say your voice matters, it's because we're listening to everything, everyone, and providing an informed conclusion to develop a goal, strategy, or guidelines for others to follow as one community. Therefore, we must know what is killing our bay, how to reverse the damage, and provide it further protections. Therefore, we need your input to demand further action to protect our shores, waterways, and bay from devastating climate change.