Mia Mason is committed to improving the quality of education at all levels and believes we should do all we can to insure every American has the opportunity to succeed in the global marketplace. Mia believes in the Kirwan Commission's fair access to affordable student loans so that every child can achieve the dream of a college education.


Immersion Environment

Immersion Environment

Immersion Environment

  Providing an immersion environment of learning is best for students. With adaptive technologies at all ages, which can allow for rapid progression instead of repetitive general studies. Therefore, I call for an end aptitude testing (SOL's). These changes will enable students to progress further with critical thinking. 


Immersion Environment

Immersion Environment

  Mia believes in preparing our children for the world and knows that we need to excel at the arts, business, languages, math, physics, and sciences. Mia wants to make the schools of Maryland the best in the country. 

Education Funding

Immersion Environment

Education Funding

  Mia is going to fight to bring more education funding to Maryland schools because she knows it is the best investment we can make in our economic future. She wants us to be able to build new schools and bring new technology in to the class rooms.  

Kirwan Commission



Our Students matters, their education matters, and they need to immersed by their teachers when incentives are given. These goals below can bring Maryland back into the top tens school systems in America. 


Many districts are losing funding because of declining growth; however, the class sizes are doubled. Thus, the value and worth of teaching is lost. We need to close the $4000 gap per student and restore our faith in our teachers.

Early Childhood

Our Children educations are being privatized for profit and it needs to be reverse starting in Pre-K and for us to provide online resources for Parents to ensure Children are ready before ages three to five. This goal is vital to our success to end all racial disparities.

Disabilities and Special Education

Everyone has a different way to learn with any learning disability like Autism, bi-polar, or physical condition. Children must matter in our schools, so they're not left behind. Our teachers can be trained as new students become their teacher's aid. So our teachers can plan ahead to ensure our children with special needs are met on a daily basis.


Our Teachers need to be protected by a collective bargaining agreement to ensure they're skilled, can reach the goals of our system, and have to the tools to succeed for everyone within the school system. 

College and Career

Advancing our Economy with our local leaders in the industrial and commercial enterprises is vital to keeping our career jobs and college students local when they go to seek high paying jobs. Our employers need to invest in our students from the time they're sophomore in High School or College to ensure the job market is meet with skilled and qualified workers. 


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.


Our teaching are working to a testing standard of days gone by not the needs of our future economy or advancements that are needed to make our communities grow. Our communities range from Birthing Centers to Zoo Keepers. Each measure of those skill-sets need to be taught and immersed to our students to ensure their passion and love to work is meet not by a standard test, but by practical testing to perform in our new emerging workplaces.

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