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Mia Mason is veteran and awardee of OUT100 for 2017

Leading Facts about Mia Mason as a Veteran, Friend, & Advocate

She was born on Friday, June 27, 1980 in Virginia by loving parents who sought that Mia Mason could served in the military better than her dreams of Art, Management, or College. Therefore She joined the United States Navy for ten years four months, In this time she saw the twin towers fall, launch a war into Afghanistan afterwards, completed a dry-dock repair to only launch into Iraq  twice. Afterwards Iraq and switching coasts settled for helping others through Hurricane Katrina and finally accepting parts of identity. So in final test I joined the Army infantry for four years eight months. In this my Navy skills were more so used as other jobs were needed as a Company Intel Analyst for a short period to become a Electronic Warfare Officer. After not seeing any promotion due to discrimination I was ending up serving with the DC National Guard for the next five years. Starting with a  Maintenance Company for Calibration only to be rejected for my Gender Identity. Illegally separated, ordered to report as male after surgery, Enlisted Soldiers have hardships far more arduous to Commands than Officers as a "Need to Know". Therefore, once rejoined without a break in service SGT Mia Mason today is tireless Advocate who retired in 2018 to assist an LGBT Community. Through her tenure she has aggrieved through Military Commands on Gender Identity. Contractors on employment equality for Gender Orientation. Employers on equality in involvement of Hostile Work Environment Harassment for Gender Equality. All though the help of the teams within DC National Guard 352nd Senior Trial Defense Team Legal Operations Detachment of the National Guard Bureau.  Without them here to assist me, I would not be here today. Nor would those new UCMJ policies be progressive enough before roll out of executive leadership. We are always available to help everyone for equity and equally.

We Are John Doe'(s) and Jane Doe'(s)

What you have read is all about unlawful discrimination that is looking to become legalized within public places, privatize or public companies, and federal places of employment. If it is for religion, personal ethics, money, or something else it cannot be tolerated. Everyone deserves to be treated equally without a favorite buddy system, quid pro system, harassment, or status quo system.  

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