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Leading Facts about Veteran Mia Mason

Born June 27, 1980, Mia Mason served in the  United States Navy 10 Years 4 Months, followed by time served Army 4 Years 8 months, and ending up serving the DC National Guard 5 Years. She retires in the year 2018.  

Award in Out Magazine #OUT100 2017

OUT: What does it mean for you to be trans in America right now? 

Mia Mason: I’m extremely independent and motived to lead the way for our civil rights.

Looking back, do you have any regrets about your time in the armed services?   

I’ve loved serving my country in the Navy and Army. I’ve had the honor of seeing the majority of the world and, through different cultures, I appreciate what we have here.

How do you hope that the work you do will inspire others in the trans community? 

I haven’t asked much of them, only forewarned them on social media, [but] as Trump began to take away rights, I asked them to raise their voice and listen to me. I want to help end this injustice and hope others will join me.


Why Do Your Civil Rights Matter

For every law written in today's political system,  two must stricken from the books. Over four decades of legislative actions, judicial reviews, and executive actions or orders have been removed from law by by our current Commander in Chief in a ribbon cutting ceremony. 

What's also is most likely included, without your knowledge, is the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and EEOC Title Protections for any work.

What this mean for the average Marylander is that many of the protections that were put in place on a federal level are either in danger, or already gone. Our friends, our neighbors, our loved ones no longer have the safety once assured them.

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Why US Senator, Why Public Figure

Going beyond the six year term, Mia is the next twenty to forty years of US Senate for America.


     Our legacy, as a people, lies with our children. What we do in the here and now: the decisions we make, the lessons we teach, all this shapes their lives and has a very real and profound effect on both their future and our own. 

     Mia mason wishes to give our children every advantage possible. From working on affordable housing, to granting access to an affordable, QUALITY education, one of Mia’s main goals is to provide for our children, their children, and their children's children.

     Mia has served her country dutifully for the past 20 years, from the rugged seas alongside our noble Navy Sailors, to the ever-changing environment today's Army Soldiers persevere through. She has brought herself up from the lowest ranks, leading the way to keep others safe from harm.

     Now, Mia wants to bring her countless experiences to our nation so that she can raise all of Maryland up as the GREATEST State in our country’s great Union. From making our streets safer, to bringing American jobs BACK to America, Mia wants to lead all of us to greater heights, and to a brighter future. 



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