Mia Mason is a 20-year military veteran, who has served in the Navy, Army, and DC National Guard. Mia served with moral courage, honor, and commitment by working to protect her fellow soldiers from danger. Mia completed her military career by serving in the DC National Guard.

After leaving the military Mia started working with Advocacy Groups and has worked to advance the Civil Rights of all. She has opposed the discriminatory policies of President Trump, including being a speaker at the 2018 Women’s March in Washington, DC.  Mia has chosen to take the next steps in her journey by helping others door to door. Her driving force is to do good, provide proper representation, and restore equity with equality. She has always served others and looks to serve the people of Maryland next. 

Mia is an Advocate


 Mia shall ensure the voice of the people is brought back to the House of Representatives in Washington, DC where it belongs. Mia is running for Congress to ensure our Civil Rights, and Freedoms are preserved. She wants to make sure everyone is heard. 

She is involved Full-Time


  Mia is committed to serving the people of Maryland's 1st Congressional District. She spends her days meeting people and listening to their needs. She is committed to being there for the communities of the Eastern Shore.