Mia Mason in Washington, DC and more is about helping everyone with equity

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Why US Senator, Why Public Figure

Going beyond the six year term, Mia is the next twenty to forty years of US Senate for America.


     Our legacy, as a people, lies with our children. What we do in the here and now: the decisions we make, the lessons we teach, all this shapes their lives and has a very real and profound effect on both their future and our own. 

     Mia Mason wishes to give our children every advantage possible. From working on affordable housing, to granting access to an affordable, QUALITY education, one of Mia’s main goals is to provide for our children, their children, and their children's children.

     Mia has served her country dutifully for the past 20 years, from the rugged seas alongside our noble Navy Sailors, to the ever-changing environment today's Army Soldiers persevere through. She has brought herself up from the lowest ranks, leading the way to keep others safe from harm.

     Now, Mia wants to bring her countless experiences to our nation, so that she can raise all of Maryland up as the GREATEST State in our country’s great Union. From making our streets safer, to bringing American jobs BACK to America, Mia wants to lead all of us to greater heights, and to a brighter future. 



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About Mia for Maryland

Running for our Nation, Communities, Civil Rights, and Freedoms.


Within our government, we support our Marylander's, our Cities, and our Counties. We wish to ensure that Bills are clarified as Transparent Justices; that Government and Military offices remain open; and lastly that NO ONE shall suffer so much as one loss of their Civil Rights. 

Navy / Army Veteran, LGBT Advocate

Mia Mason NBC ABC #OUT100 transgender advocate election official 2018 Maryland candidate US federal


Mia Mason in Washington is a beacon of hope to those who want a brighter tomorrow. Mia Mason in Baltimore has dedicated countless hours and efforts to the Maryland, Virginia, DC, and Military community, whether it be working in local factories, or giving back to the community. So Now Mia Mason in Frederick is looking to restore farm lands as well.

"I am committed to the excellence and fair treatment of All."  -USN Sailor's Creed

She will be involved Full-Time

Where America Mia to Work for you the people, we the people campaign veteran senate congress daca


Mia shall ensure the voice of we the people is brought back to the floor where it belongs. She will lend her time to communities in need, and invest time with other states to ensure development of new marketplaces for jobs, developments, and future residents to promote more growth of our fair State.

“I will Always place the mission first, I will never admit defeat, I will never quit, And I will NEVER leave a fallen comrade.” -USA Soldier's Creed


10 November 2018, #ParadeStop, Free to Join

Retirement at John Paul Jones Memorial

Arrival 10 am, Starts @11 am - 1 pm

John Paul Jones Memorial Washington, DC

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10 November 2018, #ParadeStop, Free to Join

Arrival 10 am, Starts @11 am - 1 pm

John Paul Jones Memorial Washington, DC

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